Matrix Intensive Outpatient Addictions Program

Program Overview

The BRT6HC Matrix Intensive Outpatient Program is a structured treatment program where clients receive information and support for a substance-free lifestyle.  Our trained matrix facilitators utilize the medicine wheel concept to assist helping people seeking balance on their recovery journey.  Elders teachings are incorporated within the sessions, and transportation is available from BRT6HC communities.  Lunch is provided daily and we encourage all covid safety measures.  Attendance is very important, along with completing random substance use testing.  

Why choose an outpatient program?  You might begin recovery at an Matrix Intensive outpatient program, depending on the severity of your addiction and your support system.  You need to be met “where you are” in your recovery, by understanding all options you can make the best decision for your recovery.  Participating in an outpatient program means that meaningful relationships built during treatment can be maintained by building our community.  An outpatient program allows for family or supports to be included every step of the way, as participants return home at the end of each day.  

For 10 weeks, clients attend several intensive outpatient treatment sessions per week which incorporates: 

  • Early recovery skills group- 8 sessions
  • Relapse prevention group – 32 sessions
  • Family Education group – 12 sessions
  • Social support group – 36 sessions
  • Individual and conjoint sessions – 6  sessions

Come and talk to us- everyone is welcome!  Call our matrix facilitators at 306-441-9631 or 306-481-3975.

You can also contact BRT6HC at 306-937-6700

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