Cultural Team

Program Overview

Our Culture Team includes: 2 cultural facilitators and 2 Elders in house and an Elder’s Council.

The cultural facilitator role is to provide culturally-based support, advice and assistance for staff and clients. They are there to help support people in the development of their own knowledge bundles.

The Cultural Facilitator provides the following services:

  • enriches programs with their life experience, knowledge and ability to affirm Indigenous ethics and teachings
  • focuses on and strengthens relationships within and between communities
  • helps to link culture within the agencies, the systems and the institutions
  • teaches people how to work with other community Elders
  • facilitates the presence of diverse teachings from a variety of other Elders and community leaders
  • supports community members going through residential school, day school and 60s scoop claims, or in need of support in this process

Elders provide the following services:

  • prayers, ceremony and spiritual support to staff and clients
  • teachings and local knowledge
  • traditional counselling to staff and clients

Elders Council membership includes the participation of one Elder from each of BRT6HC communities that Chief and Council elect to work with our team. Their purpose is as follows:


  • Provide insight and advice to the organization as required and requested
  • Providing traditional/cultural support and guidance to the organization
  • Participate in an active role with meetings, community events, and cultural events, as requested
  • Assist with conflict resolutions with staff and clients or both as requested
  • Serve as keepers of our oral history, language and laws
  • Provide access to other Elders in the community 

To access an Elder or Cultural Facilitator please call 306-937-6700 or stop in at 1202-101 street

Work With Us

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