Counselling Services

Program Overview

Each BRT6HC community has a youth wellness counsellor and an adult wellness counsellor:

Youth Wellness Counselling:

  • Provides counselling for youth ages 10 to 17 years of each in the community
  • Works closely with the school in the community
  • Does work with other youth that are not attending the community school
  • Support youth for various mental health and/or addictions needs
  • Supports youth who need to attend an addiction treatment facility; pre, during and post treatment
  • Provides education on wellness, mental health and addictions
  • Works with school and community staff on meeting the wellness needs of students

Adult Wellness Counselling:

  • Provides counselling for adults ages 18+ in each community
  • Does both addictions and mental health counselling 
  • Provides referrals to addictions treatment centres based on client need, including pre, during and post treatment support
  • Works on aftercare support
  • Makes appropriate referrals as needed
  • Works with individuals on probation
  • Includes culture into services based on client need

Call 306-937-6700 to make an appointment with the counsellor in your community. Or visit your community health clinic

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