Home & Community Care Program

Program Overview

Our Vision:

To provide home and community care services that are client-centered, family-focused and culturally sensitive, and which respond to the unique health and social needs of community members living in BRT6HC communities.

Our Purpose:

To provide home and community care services for BRT6HC community members living on-reserve which are client-focused and encourage independence and family involvement, while respecting and maintaining our clients’ rights, values and beliefs.

The goal of BRT6HC Home Care program is to help people who have health problems stay in their own home on-reserve for as long as possible.

What home care services are offered?

Home care services are unique to each client and are based on each client’s health needs.

The following services may be available:

  • Home Nursing: Home nursing is used to teach the client and the family to take care of oneself at home.
  • Assessment: The Registered Nurse will work with the client, health care supports, family, community, and other health care providers to develop a comprehensive health care plan for the client.
  • Home Health Aide Services: Home care providers may be able to help with household chores and in-home meal preparation, along with other home health aide services like giving primary caregivers a weekly rest, and help with activities like bathing, foot and nail, and exercise.
  • Dieticians: Empower their clients and communities to embrace food, to understand it and enjoy it. The information provided to the client is based on the needs of the client.
  • Diabetes Nurse Educator: Provides expert advice to the home care team and clients about diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes.
  • Exercise Therapist: The Exercise Therapist helps clients learn about the importance of physical activity and ensures physical activity is introduced safely.
  • Hospital Liaison: The Hospital Liaison facilitates direct contact and cooperation between the First Nations clients and the Saskatchewan Health Authority staff in the provision of health services and the delivery of health programs for First Nation people (Status, Metis, or non-status) who live on a First Nation community.

This includes:

  •  Interpretation for Cree speaking clients 
  •  Assisting client to understand reason for admission to acute care hospital
  • Transportation arrangements at discharge 
  •  Family conference and client advocacy  
  •  Aftercare and follow-up for homecare 
  • Coordination for elder/cultural support

Who can get home care services?

  • People who live on-reserve and have health problems that get in the way of their everyday activities.
  • People whose families are not able to provide needed help.
  • Home care does not replace the help offered by families and communities, but works with the family to support an ill or injured person.

How do I request these services?

Call Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre and ask to speak to a home care staff member, or call the clinic in your community. Once you have asked for help, a home care nurse will come visit with you to find out what kind of care you need.

The nurse will:

  • Ask you about your health
  • Discuss how you are currently managing
  • Ask who is helping you now
  • Find out what you’re having trouble doing now

You can expect the home care nurse to plan your care with you. When your health changes, the care you receive will change too.

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