Environmental Health Program

Program Overview

Our environmental program works to ensure that the places where you and your family live, learn and play are healthy spaces.

Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) are active in your community performing both routine and request-based inspections which include:

  • Community Health Clinics
  • Daycares
  • Band Halls
  • Band offices
  • Community Stores
  • Schools and school kitchens
  • Special events such as Pow Wows and Cultural gatherings.

Housing Inspections 

On a request basis, housing will be assessed for general safety, construction, and suitability for human habitation. Issues that are commonly addressed during inspections are:

  • Condition of building.
  • Mold growth and clean-up
  • Furnace and heating issues.
  • Pest infestation.
  • Water leaks and plumbing issues.
  • Sewer and septic issues

The EHO will conduct an inspection of the requested property and provide the band leadership with a report with recommendations to mitigate health risks.

‍The EHO’s participate on community projects and provide health-based information to bands and/or Indigenous Services Canada. EHO’s provide other services such as:

  • Water Treatment Plant inspections and advising.
  • Community Sewage systems planning and advising.
  • Septic tanks/system inspection
  • Solid waste disposal and recycling development planning
  • Facility and housing development consultations.
  • Community education such as Food Safety Courses

Drinking Water

Community drinking water is monitored by BRT6HC Water Technician. On a weekly basis, the community drinking water supply is tested for the presence of bacteria and for chlorine levels.

Chemical analysis of the ground water and the treated water is done every year and the results are provided to the bands.

Cisterns and private wells are tested, and the results are read by the EHO, and the results are explained to the well/cistern owner.

Work With Us

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