Health Promotion

Program Overview

Our Health Promotion program includes the following services:

  • Networks with other programs, schools, agencies and communities to promote healthier communities where we live, work and play
  • Promotes self-management to adopt healthier lifestyles which prevents disease and worsening of disease
  • Provides tobacco education in schools, community settings and programs to help quit smoking
  • Provides health information through newsletters, Facebook, radio messages and displays
  • Participates in school and community events/activities providing health information

Prenatal and Postnatal Services:

  • Education, assessment and counselling by dietitian for prenatal, breastfeeding women and families of young children
  • Group presentations by dietitian on prenatal nutrition, baby food making, infant feeding and grocery store tours.
  • Food vouchers to access nutritious food for prenatal and breastfeeding women
  • Group presentations on exercise and pregnancy by health promotion coordinator/exercise therapist.

Federal Tobacco Control Strategy

Kamiyo Yahehk – “Breathe Well” Project

The Kamiyo Yahehk project honours the traditional use of tobacco while educating on the unhealthy consequences of commercial tobacco use. It also offers programs and assistance on the journey to quit smoking.

The project has six essential elements:

  • Protection: Actions on tobacco protection measures (e.g. policies and/or by-laws prohibiting smoking in public places within the community and prohibiting sales to minors)
  • Reducing Access to Tobacco Products
  • Prevention: to prevent commercial tobacco misuse
  • Education: Education and skill development activities for community members. Training for community workers on health promotion and tobacco-related topics including sacred use of tobacco and the misuse of commercial tobacco.
  • Cessation: tools, programs and activities to support community members to quit smoking or quit other forms of tobacco misuse.
  • Data Collection and Monitoring: sharing best practices.

A major focus is to strengthen community action to protect our community members, especially youth and pregnant women, from the adverse effects of commercial tobacco use.

Work With Us

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